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Due to the delicate nature of a muffin we cannot stack multiple baskets in one shipping box. Cookie tins can ship more than one to a box.

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The zones have been determined by time in transit with UPS shipping from NJ. We recommend shipping so the basket will arrive in 1-3 business days. You do not need to ship 2 day air if the zip code you are shipping to will guarantee delivery in 2 business days anyway (yellow and brown zones).
Our website will provide you with an estimated delivery date after you put your payment information in and click [Continue]. If need be, you can then adjust your type of shipping.

SAVE MONEY by following the guidelines. Please call us if you need assistance 1-888-8MUFFIN ( 888-868-3346). We cannot guarantee freshness of your basket if you choose to ship outside of the recommended guidelines.




Shipping Information

Our baskets are baked fresh to order and shipped the same day to any location in the USA. We do not use preservatives so it is important to ship them in a timely manner to assure freshness.Each item is individually wrapped and the entire basket is sealed with shrink wrap to assure freshness.
We bake and ship MONDAY-FRIDAY.

We have created a time in transit map of the USA to help you select the best shipping option. Please refer to the color zones and the key at the bottom of the map to see how many days it will take for your basket to be delivered. We DO NOT recommend or guarantee shipping with UPS Ground service to the states in the RED ZONE. PLEASE READ THE UPS SHIPPING FACTS BELOW.


When calculating the number of days your basket will take to arrive:
  • UPS does not count the day of pick up or the weekend.
  • Saturday Delivery now available with FEDEX at Ground rates. Same time in transit
    applies to FEDEX as the UPS Zone Map.
  • When there is a National holiday with no UPS service that day is also not counted in the time in transit,
    please add one additional day on to the time in transit.
  • Incorrect or insufficient addresses will result in a delay and you will incur an additional fee of $11.00
    for the address correction charged to us by UPS.



It is our goal to assure a fresh and delicious gift basket and to do so requires following the correct shipping options. While UPS GROUND service is the most economical method of shipping it is not recommended when shipping to the states in the RED ZONE ( we cannot guarantee freshness when shipping exceeds 3 days)

We follow the UPS guidelines above and are happy to assist you if you need any help, call us at 1-888-8MUFFIN. We are not responsible for incorrect or insufficient address delays. PLEASE CHECK FOR ACCURACY! Include apartment numbers or suite numbers if applicable.

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