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Hey Leslie! I got your Beautiful basket Tuesday and... OOOOOH MMMMMMY GAAAAWD! EVERY SINGLE ITEM I TASTED HAS BEEN THE BEST I EVER HAD! You are a baking MASTER! A VIRTUOSO of the baking world! WOW, OMG, AMAZING, SCRUMPT-DILLY-ISCIOUS! The cookies, the crumb cake, that brownie was SOOO jammed packed with goodies, I’ve never had a brownie THAT decadent! I haven’t tried the muffins or the scone yet, but I have NO doubt that I will be just as blown away and impressed! You most definitely DO IT RIGHT, UPPER ECHELON, the Baker Elite you are you are! Thank you sooooo very much for going out of your way to send me the basket! And even the basket itself is awesome! I sooo very much appreciated it! Now I know first hand what all the praise is about after I send people your incredible edibles!
Lorraine S.
East Winsor, NJ

I coordinate the Sunshine Club for a large middle school, and use “Mallory’s Muffins” exclusively. A number of the recipients are now Mallory’s customers, ordering baskets themselves to give to others. Everyone who receives a muffin basket raves about the quality and abundance of the items.
Teri B.
Monmouth County, NJ

I have ordered from Mallory's Muffins for over eight years . . . for birthdays, graduations, get well presents, condolences . . . it always brings a cheerful response (and additional referrals from the recipients). And with my new mother in law (who was originally disapproving) it brought a hug and complete turnaround in our relationship. 'what a difference a muffin can make!'.
Sheryl Goski
Hoboken, NJ

Boyette Kitchens & Baths can't say enough about the consistent efficiency in accommodating our needs in delivering the most delicious homemade Cookies, Brownies, Scones, Coffee's & Teas and of course the most scrumptious Homemade Muffins to our customers. After our jobs are completed, whether it be a Boyette Kitchen or Bath Renovation, Mallory's Marvelous Muffins delivery to our customers is always a Delicious Hit.
Boyette Kitchens & Baths
Bloomfield, NJ

Every year we like to do something nice for our customers and that includes Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins. For the past 7 years we have been treating our customers to the Cookies Galore basket. Now our customers are calling me to make sure they will be getting them again next year. The cookies are awesome, the service is fantastic and we all look forward to our delicious treats at the end of the year and for many years to come.
Roger Rush
Network Source One Inc
Novi, Michigan

The best muffins and snack cakes we've ever ordered, I especially love the crumb cake! We order from the web site for ourselves and order corporate gift baskets for our corporate clients and the next day it's here. Very convenient. I wouldn't hesitate, and have recommended The Muffin Lady to many of my clients.
Charlie Cocuzza
Southington, CT

Our Aunt and Uncle have taken care of our Grandmother for 25 years. Upon her death, we sent them a basket of muffins with a little note of our appreciation for all they’ve done over the years for our Grandmother. They sat down in their kitchen and reminisced about their fond memories over the basket of Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins. They couldn’t thank us enough. What a great idea they exclaimed, it sure beats flowers!
Cathy Costanzo
Flemington, NJ 08822

Dear Muffin Lady!
Our youngest daughter, Julia, chose a college 5 hours from home and became VERY homesick her first month of school. Her roommate turned out to be a bit difficult and they didn't get along well, so the two girls in the dorm room next to Julia included her in everything they did! They were so wonderful to our daughter that I sent them Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins as a THANK YOU for treating her like family during a time when she wasn’t near her own! The girls were so thrilled with homemade muffins and brownies and I think Julia has made some lifelong friends!
Leigh Juska
Shrewsbury, NJ

Dear Muffin Lady,
Thank you so much for your great inspirational baskets!
My husband and I head a group of older friends in our church. Lately we have had several of our friends, going thru surgeries and medical challenges. Your baskets have been sweet reminders of our thoughts, prayers and sincere desire for wellness! They help to extend God's love!
Shirley Morgan
Haskell, NJ

Several months ago, I experienced an episode of anaphylactic shock at work. The quick thinking and highly skilled personnel in our Health Services office jumped into action and took all measures to stabilize me until the paramedics arrived. The physician in the emergency room at the hospital told me the Health Services staff literally saved my life.
To show my appreciation, I sent them a Muffin Basket with a lovely note. They called me and were ecstatic! They said their job is usually a thankless one, and they really were touched (and totally enjoyed) the basket and its contents. Thank you for helping me say "thanks" in such a special way.
Terry Ferguson
Whitehouse Station, NJ

At a certain age it gets very difficult to buy gifts for people. That being is getting increasingly difficult to buy for the great-grandparents!! One of Nani and Grandpa's favorite things to do is have tea and coffee and of course something sweet, with their family!! So we decided a Muffin Basket was the way to go one holiday!! They raved and actually giggled about the basket of muffins. They were so surprised by the idea that something was "delivered" that was the first treat that gave a little boost to a lonely day...and secondly that it was something different then flowers! They tried each different flavor over the course of the week and even froze some to save for when 'the kids' come! Grandpa (who is the one most partial to something sweet) still talks about that basket and how "GOOOOOD" those muffins were!!!!!.....I think its time for another delivery!
Jeanette Haligowski
Monroe, NJ

When I arrived home after the having our first daughter I discovered that making food for myself was almost impossible. Shortly after I came home my mom sent a basket from Mallory's Muffins. It was PERFECT! Just what a new mom needs for a quick pick me up. And the muffins were to die for. I recently sent a basket to my mother in law for her birthday. And plan to send a basket to a friend after their baby is born. Mallory's is now my favorite "go to" place for gift baskets.
Donna Dilks
Tabernacle, NJ

I've used the Muffin lady for so many occasions--not only for happy special occasions, but also for get well wishes, sympathy and even a special thank you for all you've done. No matter what I use the Muffin lady for, I have ALWAYS received responses telling me how beautiful and different they were and above all how fresh and delicious, and in many instances, they were saving all the goodies for their company/guests. I am so happy I found out about the Muffin lady, which is so much more personable than just sending flowers or a card. It shows everyone that you really care. I plan on continually using the Muffin lady for all my needs since I feel it adds a warm and special touch to whatever the occasion. Thank you for being so unique!!!

My name is Donna Hanley and I have sent Many of your wonderful baskets for many reasons, and all were loved. I have also received just as many myself as I too have had some sickness and joys and have again enjoyed your baskets so much. Just seeing the Logo on the box is enough to bring a smile to the face. But the best basket ever received was when we lost my younger brother and the people at work sent my mom a beautiful basket and in it was a little white angel, well the muffin's were great, & were shared with many, but the angel still stands with my brothers pictures & every time we see it we know where the love came from & how many people cared for us at that very terrible time in our lives not so long ago. So thank you for wonderful service & your wonderful muffins.
Donna Hanley
Bellmore, NY

Love your cookies and muffins. Received a tin after my youngest daughter was born and now I have sent out a couple gift baskets for friends so that they, too, can enjoy your DELICIOUS and freshly baked muffins. Thanks and keep baking!
The DiCuffas

Since we live miles apart and I couldn’t be there right away to help with the arrival of my new Nephew, I wanted to send something special to help out the new parents. Mallory’s muffins were wonderful. They were able to enjoy the muffins and cookies I sent and really enjoyed having something readily available to eat that was so delicious. Thanks for having such a wonderful product. I will definitely be sending your delicious treats again.
Melissa Scott
High Point, NC

It seems to me everyone is watching their weight, denying themselves the pleasure of a sweet treat, no matter what. That's why these days, I love to send Mallory's indulgment folks won't do for themselves. I've sent them to a cousin in rehabilitation with a broken hip.....she enjoyed them and so did her grandchildren when they came to visit. I've sent them to a wonderful lady who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. There's not much you can say in that case, but a sweet treat is a small pick up in an ugly situation. Started sending these little charmers years ago when my own sister was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to send something that was just special. I've also sent them to another cousin the day before her wedding when I knew there would be lots of folks in and out and too much chaos for formal meals. They were a great treat. Thanks, Mallory - Your baked treats are fabulous!
Debbie Katz

I have been ordering your tins and cookies for about 8 years now, ever since I heard you on WPLJ in NYC on morning years ago. I’ve sent gifts to:

1. My father, father-n-law, grandfathers, and children’s godfathers for Father’s Day, to which they all responded how great it was to receive something home baked, rather than mass produced by other online baking firms.
2. My best friends, just because – and my one girlfriend RAVED about the scones! Now, I send them to her whenever I’m thinking of her!
3. My stepmother in St. Louis…she moved there about 2 years ago and has been home sick for good sweets! Now, every birthday, I send her a big basket of goodies to remind her of home!

Thanks for much for all that you do! It’s nice to see some love put into your products!
Rhonda Moritz
Cadaret, Grant & Co. Inc.
Mt. Arlington, NJ

We have only gotten the most amazing feedback from everyone we have ever sent your muffins to! We have purchased from you a number of times for clients, for people who have lost a loved one, for happy occasions, etc. Every time I have sent your products to my friends they call right away and talk about how it was such a nice personal touch, how the taste was delicious and the presentation of the gift is delivered so beautifully. Thanks for your delicious muffins you have become a place that we regularly go to whenever we need a gift! Keep up the great service.
Best Regards,
Andrea & Eddie
Szigethy, Cary, NC

I have sent muffin baskets for every name it! The recipients are always very appreciative and most of all, cannot stop talking about the products! Mallory's baskets are affordable, unique and simply delicious! I will continue to turn to Mallory's for that "extra special" gift. Forget the flowers...make them smile with muffins! (or brownies, cookies, get the picture!)
Bernadette Striano
Kearny, NJ

I have been sending Mallory's Marvelous Muffin baskets to clients, friends and family for years! The latest basket I sent was to a dear friend whose mother-in-law passed away. I waited to send it until about three weeks after the funeral because I knew they would get inundated with flowers and baskets. I wanted them to enjoy the contents of the basket at their leisure and boy did they. She told me it was the best array of goodies that they had ever had and that the entire basket was devoured in one day! Thank you for always making whomever I send a basket to feel special and appreciated.
Best regards,
Dina M. O'Keefe
Morris County Chamber of Commerce
Morristown, NJ

We are the parent company of STAR 99.1 and since I have heard you on the radio, I use Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins to send out for a great “cheering up” basket. You are different from the traditional flowers and fruit baskets and frankly I think the people I send them to enjoy them very much. You are a blessing to us and we thank you.
Sue Kanis

Good morning, I would like to share my stories about how wonderful and delicious your muffins and cookies are. I have been a customer for at least 10 years. My family and friends have loved the baskets and I enjoyed choosing the products to put in the baskets. Your customer service both on the internet and phone are so delightful and always gave me great suggestions for my basket choices. Plus as a learned the selections I was able to select and create my own choices for the baskets. The best one of all was for my friend’s mother’s funeral, her mother had died and she was hosting the family at her house. She had several family members staying at her house. I sent a large basket of muffins and they truly enjoyed them the morning of the services. I sent this instead of flowers and she said how nice it was for her, to have them there the next morning for the family. Knowing that she was not thinking clearly and did not have to worry about providing food for the family, I felt that I had done something special for her at this horrible, sad time in her life. Thank you for always being there for the past 10 years and helping me “deliver” a smile to the faces of my loved ones!!
I love your products!
Margaret Bartley
Monroe Twp, NJ

Dear Mallory’s Marvelous Muffins,
I first tried your muffins at a local church fair on your folding table and they were quite good and memorable! I have ordered your muffins for different occasions but the one that stands out is the one I sent for sympathy to a family I have known since I was five years old.
The father of the family told me that when the sibling who I knew the best entered the room and saw the basket he immediately claimed a few selected muffins and goodies. I received many nice thanks from all of the family members and I knew that your basket really gave them at least some happiness on that day. Thanks for your great service. Your muffins really are marvelous!
Tom Brady
Bernardsville, NJ

I have been getting muffins for many years, and Mallory’s truly the best ever. They always arrive fresh and in perfect condition. I have ordered them for myself and as gifts, and I know the people that I sent muffins to as gifts have then ordered also. Based on the quality of the muffins, and the price rage they are a wonderful gift for any occasion.
Nancy O'Leary

I have sent your muffin baskets to my friends and family on many different occasions. The response has always been the same. Delicious Yum Yum. It brought smiles.
Joyce Meechan

I wanted to send something different to a client. I came across your website and when I saw the products were home-baked, I decided to give it a try. Well, my clients raved about the quality and freshness of the basket of muffins/cookies. All the goodies arrived fresh and I like that they didn't have any preservatives, just natural goodness.
I sent around your website to my office and I hope that will bring you more business.
Thank you,
Michele Giampietro
Financial Northeastern Companies

Dear Muffin Lady,
I am a huge fan of Mallory's Muffins. I have a special friend who is an older woman that I used to work with years ago. She doesn't live close by so we talk on the phone when she feels good enough. The first time I heard a commercial on Star 99.1 Fm about your muffins, I thought that would be a great idea for someone like her. Sure enough, it is a favorite. I send her muffin baskets for Christmas (she loves the ornaments), her birthday & Mother's Day. She gets so excited when she gets the baskets. (I wish I could send them more often). I also sent one to my sister-in-law and brother when she had their first baby. It was a smash. Would it be wrong to send myself one?
Best regards,
Sandy Mangan
Union, NJ

Carpenters work for cookies. I sent a basket with muffins and cookies to one of my builders as a thank you for a job well done. He stole all the cookies (leaving the muffins for the rest of the family who promptly gobbled them up) and hid them. He broke them in pieces one at a time to make them last longer. He and his crew always do a wonderful job for me so they can have more cookies.
Kitchens by Nancy
Somerville, NJ

I ordered muffins for the first time from Mallory's for a loss of my friends father. I thought for a few days on it and I just didn't want to send another fruit basket or basket of flowers, I was sure they had plenty of those. I wanted to send something everyone could have throughout the day as people were coming in and out to visit. They called me the next day after they had gotten the basket and were so thankful. They wanted to put some finger foods on the table for their guests and had not gotten the time to make anything with the funeral going on. Well, the muffin basket was a hit and I recommend this for any occasion. Thanks Mallorys!
Dawn King
Parsippany, NJ

I recently sent a wonderful muffin basket to one of my in-laws recovering form cancer. The muffins brought a lot of cheer to the entire family. In additional to the cheer, they also enticed her to eat & stimulated her appetite, which had been sorely depressed from the chemo treatments.
I also sent my niece a wonderful tin of brownies for her birthday. I sent them all the way to UC Davis in California--just the thing a homesick girl from PA needed. Chocolate is the perfect staple for hard working college students! Her roommates also appreciated them!
Maggie Waverczak
Francis-Mustoe & Company ®

I want to say that your basket really helped my uncle, when my aunt passed away. It made him smile when he got it. He could not believe how nice it was. He called me right away, then his son got on the phone, and could not thank me enough for making him smile. They all enjoyed the basket and appreciated it.

Thank you for such a wonderful website and good food made with love. Thanks again, love your baskets, taste great, they take the pressure off a bad day and make a good day even better.
Patti Rafferty
Levittown, PA

My daughter is away at college and the first time I sent her and her roommate a tin from you...they were so excited but made it last as long as they could because it was soooooo good and they didn't want it to end!
Thanks Mallory!
Kim Gianetti
Bedminster, NJ

We love your baked goods here at William Annin:)
Cherie Stappenbeck
William Annin Middle School
Basking Ridge, NJ

Hello Leslie and Team:
I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you not only for the creating the best gift baskets, but the best customer service as well. I remember the first time our family received a gift basket from Mallory's Marvelous Muffins several years ago. Ever since then, every time I need to send a special thank you or a hearty congratulations, to one of my friends or work colleagues, I give Mallory's a call and the team helps me put together a great basket filled with the best of the best goodies. If my friends are lucky enough to be local, Mallory's has even delivered the same day I call - "hot right out of the oven"!
Many thanks and all the best to the "Muffin Team",
Bob Hess
Basking Ridge, NJ

I sent a basket to a long time neighbor, when their daughter lost her new born baby. It was the first thing that came to mind when they quickly gathered to plan the unimaginable task of planning the funeral of their new born grandchild. I truly felt some comfort food was in order rather than fruit or flowers. I appreciate this comforting option. Thank you!
Tracy Formisano
Succasunna NJ

I ordered muffins as a gift for my mother.
She is up in age, doesn’t eat out and most gift baskets are just too large for 1 person.
She enjoys her morning coffee so the muffin basket was a perfect choice. I called Mallory’s and they were very accommodating.
They let me choose exactly what muffin flavors I wanted and the exact number in the basket.
My mother was thrilled when the basket arrived. She couldn’t stop talking about how beautifully it was wrapped and the muffins were delicious.
Great Job Mallory! I will be ordering again.
M Lewis
Frederick MD

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